In My Dreams 


I reach for him, as best as I can, but it seems like I’m always two steps behind him.

He was out of reach and it was as if something just didn’t want us to be together.

But tonight, I’ll finally meet him and I’ll finally tell him how I feel. I’ll tell him about how I think we are made for each other. I’ll tell him about the way his eyes light up my heart.

I almost get excited at the thought.

“but tonight” I say

“tonight he’ll only exist in my dreams”


It Is Yours 


I let my guard down whole heartedly and this time I’m sure that I found the one I want to spend the rest of life waking up to.

I find my heart hanging outside of my chest, eager to be in the hands of someone who promises to cherish it forever.

He gives me that breathtakingly gorgeous smile, whispers “I love you” and my knees buckle.

I give him my heart and almost begging I say: 
“it’s yours, please protect it”


With his eyes fixated on me; he strokes his chin and I’m unable to read his facial expression.

what?” I finally ask, without trying to sound impolite.

“it’s just…” he pauses, as if trying to find the right words to say.

“you don’t strike me as a woman who likes poetry”

I take a deep breath and reply.. 

“be careful of judging a book by its cover – you might just miss one hell of a story

The Heart Speaks

Sometimes, all too often, things I’ve long suppressed find a way of crawling into my heart. The only way I know how to soothe the aching is to write about it. 

you’re too emotional” they say when I splatter my feelings on paper.

My greatest lesson in life was mastering how to be true to myself in a world where everyone was trying to tell me who I am and should be. 

And then there are times when fear sneaks into my heart, telling me that I will never find someone to love me.

good things come to those who wait” I reassure myself 

So I’m in no rush to fall in love with the wrong person, because I believe the one who is meant to cross my path will do so, effortlessly

Until then, I’ll continue spilling my deepest, darkest secrets of love into my poetry. 


And although disappointment has stained my face, I know that one day his eyes won’t awaken the feelings I have inside. I know that his voice will no longer be my favourite song. I know that I will no longer feel his hands on my thighs. And I’ll forget how I pictured his lips tracing down my neck. I won’t be moved by the rememberance of the softness of his mouth pressed against mine. My heart will be freed from the thought of him being my forever. And I know that one day I will look him dead in his face and no longer will I feel a thing.

Let Them Go

“please” I pleaded with him

“please don’t walk away from me” 

I waited on his answer, but he stood there watching as tears poured down my cheeks. 

“say something.. please” I asked in the hope of him saying that I still meant something to him. 

“I can’t do this” was all I heard and the sound of his car speeding off into the black of the night. 

If time has taught me anything it’s that sometimes if someone wants to go, we should let them go. 


I looked at the man who I had fallen so deeply in love with and I tried to figure out what he was thinking, but before I could ask he kissed my lips.

Then, he ran his finger down my spine and his touch sent tons of electricity through my body as he whispered…

“I love you..”

“And I will love you even after every bone in your body has returned to dust.”

Fear & Love

Fear danced in the centre of his eyes every time I got too close to him. I stretched out my hand and rested it on his face. 

The moment our skin touched it was like the world had disappeared and our eyes never left each other. 

why?” I asked “why are you afraid of loving me?”

“I don’t fear loving you” he said 

And continued…

“I fear losing you, because already, I have fallen in love with you”


I have encountered great love, but I’ve also experienced great loss. It’s during these moments that we are transformed into beings that even we no longer recognize.

I’ve seen the sweetest honey turn bitter and how love has brought the toughest soul, onto the knees, begging to be loved in return. 

Then there’s us, the hopeless romantics and the dreamers who after every heartbreak and loss continue to love in the only way we know how. And still, with our hearts on our sleeves, we still hope to find the person to share our greatest gift with; our love.