The Beauty Within


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It is not about your body and the way that it is shaped,

For you can love your body and still the person within you hate.

It is not about material things or the latest fashion trends,

For you can have them all and not have any real friends.

Does beauty make a person or have we lost our sight,

Do we look at the external or if the heart shines out a light?

You cannot love another if you don’t love yourself,

In order to love another you have to love yourself.

Maybe relationships are failing because we can’t truly see,

What we should be looking for when we claim in love to be.

Are you truly happy when you part your lips to smile,

Or is the person inside you still living in denial?

Because you deserve to be happy whether you believe it or not,

Wear your smile with confidence even if it’s all you got.


Hell Hath No Fury


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I’m grateful to you cause you proved to be,

Exactly who and what I thought you would be.

My appreciation to you on the real though,

Who made me feel like I was worth nothing though.

But that doesn’t make it easier fuck,

I honestly do wish you the best of luck.

I ain’t bitter rather disappointed you see,

I know now you were never meant for me.

You made me feel like I was a mad woman,

When you were out entertaining other woman.

I had many losses homie you aren’t the first,

To leave me fucked up, down and in the dirt.

You don’t understand I shrunk for you homie,

Made me believe I wasn’t worth shit homie.

When women fucked you over and you did the same to me,

But I didn’t deserve all of your hatred towards me.

I see you moved on and you happy now,

I’m happy for you too, but remove that crown.

You are no king and you will never be,

I hope she doesn’t do to you what you did to me.

I honestly do believe in karma though,

When it comes around it comes back worse though.

Some of my girls say what you did was emotional abuse,

They can’t believe what I endured and went through.

I know I should have left but my dumbass stayed,

In the hope that you’d fall in love with me one day.

You weren’t used to women so you chased after girls,

Congratulations on finding your next cheap thrill.

I won’t sweat homie you will fuck yourself,

And I won’t do a thing you’ll do it all by yourself.


Food For Thought


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One day I hope to find a love that overcomes the tests of society.

It’s amazing how struggle, heartbreak and life’s unstoppable traumas can humble you.

In a way, I believe that if my situation was different, I would not have had this outlook on love.

It’s hard to find a companion who doesn’t judge your circumstances based on the chapter they’ve walked in on.

If you’d ask me a few years ago, while I was in high school, what type of guy I’d want to date, my answer would be the complete opposite of what it is today.

If my failed relationships taught me anything it is that I never truly loved myself the way I deserved to be loved.

I was seeking the things that pleased my eye, instead of the things that pleased my heart.

I was trying to be someone who I wasn’t and deep inside there was a part of me that knew it.

It was like I was at war with myself.

There was an internal battle going within myself.

I allowed people who didn’t love themselves to enter my life romantically.

So I hoped that they would love me, but they never really could.

How on earth do you keep someone happy who doesn’t even know themselves?

The more of myself I gave, the more they expected and the more they expected, the more lost I became.

I could no longer recognize myself physically, because the way I felt inside started showing on the outside.

But I stayed in the hope that someone could love the broken woman that was hiding in the shadow of someone else.

Our inner selves usually know when something is toxic, unhealthy and dysfunctional – don’t ignore it.

The Complicated


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Having a good heart makes dating hard. Lately, everyone wants to be tough. People are terrified of love so they find comfort in knowing their masks allow them to leave whenever they feel like it. The world is full of lazy lovers who want relationships without working for it. They claim to love, but their actions paint a disappointing picture. I knew a woman who loved a man very much. She asked of him one thing; his love. He just couldn’t love her. She was a woman who any man could be proud of having, but he ended up leaving her and settling for someone else. She was a good woman too, but she never challenged him, she never pushed him to become better and she was not complicated. So because being with her was easy, he thought she was the one. He was happy for a while, but then he started to miss the woman who taught him how to love. By the time he realised this it was too late. She was married to someone who saw what he couldn’t. My point is that love isn’t supposed to be easy. It is a journey that very few people get to enjoy, because they refuse to think long term. They live in the ‘now’ of things. When you choose a life partner, you are ultimately choosing your future. A complicated man or woman will not be easy, but they will be worth it. The complicated partner might argue with you all the time, but there will never be someone who will pray, love, respect and push you to be the best version of yourself than the complicated partner. And when they’ve reached their full potential with you, all those arguments will fade. You will learn to communicate better and finally trust that they’ve had your best interest at heart from the beginning.

Self Worth


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I am no longer a prisoner,
The chains around my heart are broken,
I have finally been set free.

I can breathe again,
The noose around my neck has loosened,
There is no reason for me to fear.

I no longer live a lie,
The cocoon I once called home has split open,
I am a woman who knows her worth.

I no longer think of him as my reason,
He was not my purpose, but rather he served a purpose,
Simply, to show me what kind of people I don’t need.

Because, if today, or tomorrow, or next week, or month, or year,
It came to the same it would be no different,
He’d still choose to run from my love.
He’d still choose to find his worth in other women.
He’d still choose to ruin the woman who loved him.
He’d still choose to not choose me.

I know now,
I know now,
I know now.

I know my worth.

Head over Heels


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He has no idea,
How wonderful I think he is,
He criticizes his flaws,
But I love them,
He has a pleasant exterior,
And a breathtaking soul,
He has no idea,
How much he inspires me,
He speaks with hope and love,
And his presence oozes with kindness,
He has no idea,
How much I’ve fallen for him,
He didn’t have to do anything,
But be himself,
He was all it took,
For me to fall,
Head over heels in love.

To Be Truly Naked


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I have my guard up,
I am fully clothed,
I am wearing a pretentious smile,
Accompanied by a tight pair of heels to ensure that I don’t fall in love,
And a scarf of self doubt that draws south,
I am drenched in my favourite perfume,
Hoping it will cover the scent of my insecurities,
I roll up the sleeves of my pink shirt,
So that nobody notices the heart that hangs from it,
He asks to get naked,
He wants to see my true form,
And just before I decline,
He starts removing my armour,
And in what I believe is my ugliest state,
He whispers in my ear,
“You’re beautiful”

Unspoken Words


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I am always searching for you,
In crowded places,
Or rather in places you might be,
It is not intentional but,
My eyes seek out every light skinned man,
With the same height as you,
Jet black hair,
And twinkling honey eyes,
But it is my heart,
That reminds me,
You are not there,
But I’m hopeful that someday,
You will be,
And we’ll get to say,
Everything we’ve been dreaming of saying.


Magical Moments


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I see him,
Our eyes meet briefly,
My heart stops,
It’s as if time just froze,
And that glimpse,
That lasts only for a few seconds,
Feels like an eternity,
Of staring into your eyes.

Like fated lovers we were destined to be.


Move On Heart


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“I keep telling myself,
I need to move on,
I need to forget him,
There are moments,
Where my mind drifts,
And I can’t…..
I can’t stop,
Thinking about him,
And us,
And what we had,
And I know…..
My mind knows it’s over,
But my heart doesn’t”

Maybe you’re supposed to be on my mind until my imagination draws you back to me.