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I wanted to break you with my words.

I wanted you to feel the way I did when you said:

‘’She’s nobody’’

I remember the night I almost buried my head in the sand.

‘’I missed you!’’ I exclaimed as I threw my hands around your neck with no intention of letting you go.

You loosened my grip and turned your face at my cherry coated lips.

‘’People can see’’ you said & stepped inches away from me; as if I was some kind of vulture unworthy of being seen with you.

I hid the embarrassment and disappointment that stained my face.

I sat down on the bench behind us and twiddled my fingers, thinking of a way to tell you how I felt, but nothing I could have said would have made a way to creep within your stone cold heart.

I wondered how you could have rejected all of the love that I wanted to share with you.

I realized that you didn’t love yourself, although I loved you enough for the both of us.

My love would not have let you down.

My heart would not have let you go.

My smile would have been forever yours.

You made me lose myself.

I went astray trying to recollect the old me.

I’m just sorry I missed all the kings in the time I wandered from my castle.

I’m just sorry you missed the love in me.

I’m just sorry you never got to experience real love inside of yourself.

I’m just sorry you missed the queen in me.

But most of all I’m just sorry I never recognized the queen within me sooner.