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My lips refuse to speak of love, but I’ve learnt to love the people who sneakingly creep under my skin. You were one those people. I imagine that you’re right in front of me listening to my heart speak.

I hope that you find yourself & in finding yourself, I hope you find peace & in finding peace, I hope you find love; within yourself. You deserve this journey. I dare you to show me the places that the woman before me never had the privilege of touching & watch me put my hands all over it. Allow me to trace each one of your scars with my mouth & I promise it will heal right before your eyes. You are most beautiful. Your heart shines just like the stars on a pitch-black night.

Always hold onto the parts of you that make you who you are. You are never too much. You have always been enough. I hope that you don’t only feel worthy, but that you believe that you are too. Because you are. I wish upon your life growth & if ever I should see you again I hope I get to wander through your garden. Don’t leave that beautiful part of you behind. I appreciate your presence even though my heart refuses for me to show it.

I reach to hold you as if you are really beside me; listening to me speak, but this is only a silent melody composed of broken words & vulnerability.