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There’s something about a man,

With a beautiful mind,

That makes me smile sheepishly.

I think about what the bed sheets would say,

At what I would do to him,

If I got the chance to get him alone.

Or what the walls would do,

If they only knew,

How pushed up against them I’d like to be.

As if his lips tracing my body,

Just wasn’t enough.

As if his hands mimicking my movements,

Just wasn’t enough,

To make me fall lustfully in love.

But there’s something about a man,

With a beautiful mind,

That ignites a fire deep in my soul,

And turns me into a starving vixen,

Wanting to feel every part of him,

And then randomly thinking about him,

And what we did,

And how it felt,

The very next day.

As if wildly kissing him,

Just wasn’t enough,

As if our tongues intertwined,

Would make me forget,

Just how crazy,

A man with a beautiful mind drives me.

As if seeing into his soul,

Just wasn’t enough.

As if falling in love,

Real.. irrevocable.. undeniable.. beautiful.. love,

Would finally be enough,

For me to share this part of me,

With a man who possesses a beautiful mind.