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It’s a week night and I am in the heart of cape town. The sky is black and the air is cold.

It’s a sign that winter is coming.

As we approach a familiar setting, a cold shiver tinkles down my spine and the cold air isn’t to blame for it.

I sit down at the wooden table and I grind my nails into the wood as I stare at the building across the road.

It’s still as beautiful as I remember and it reminds me of those little blue and white Greek houses from a movie.

There is a familiar smell in the atmosphere. It smells like hope or maybe it’s just the smell of mint & strawberries.

I inhale deeply and for a moment I am within and without and as I exhale; the smoke clouds the faces around me.

The wine glass stains the oak table with a pink liquid and my favourite purple lipstick imprints the straw.

Everything feels exactly the same, but there is one undeniably, noticeable difference.

I am smiling.

I’ve only known these people for 5 days and I feel more me around them than I have ever been.

It’s evident that time is not a factor when it comes to being able to be yourself around genuine people.