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They say we have no morals,

They say we deserve no praise,

But have they forgotten by who we were actually raised?

They say they were the last,

They say they are one of a kind,

But the ones who are in power are the ones who poisoned our minds.

They look down on us,

They speak only words that hurt,

But they are the ones who are pressing our generation down into the dirt.

They say we have no respect,

They say we are easily bought,

But who do we look up to when nothing good to us is being taught.

They say we are no good,

They say that we are fools,

But where are the people that we can actually look up to?

They destroyed the whip at school,

They took away the rod at home,

And it was replaced with the latest, trending, new cellphone.

Maybe if we stopped judging.

We will wake up and see,

That we are all connected,

We are a beautiful diversity.