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I’m grateful to you cause you proved to be,

Exactly who and what I thought you would be.

My appreciation to you on the real though,

Who made me feel like I was worth nothing though.

But that doesn’t make it easier fuck,

I honestly do wish you the best of luck.

I ain’t bitter rather disappointed you see,

I know now you were never meant for me.

You made me feel like I was a mad woman,

When you were out entertaining other woman.

I had many losses homie you aren’t the first,

To leave me fucked up, down and in the dirt.

You don’t understand I shrunk for you homie,

Made me believe I wasn’t worth shit homie.

When women fucked you over and you did the same to me,

But I didn’t deserve all of your hatred towards me.

I see you moved on and you happy now,

I’m happy for you too, but remove that crown.

You are no king and you will never be,

I hope she doesn’t do to you what you did to me.

I honestly do believe in karma though,

When it comes around it comes back worse though.

Some of my girls say what you did was emotional abuse,

They can’t believe what I endured and went through.

I know I should have left but my dumbass stayed,

In the hope that you’d fall in love with me one day.

You weren’t used to women so you chased after girls,

Congratulations on finding your next cheap thrill.

I won’t sweat homie you will fuck yourself,

And I won’t do a thing you’ll do it all by yourself.