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I am no longer a prisoner,
The chains around my heart are broken,
I have finally been set free.

I can breathe again,
The noose around my neck has loosened,
There is no reason for me to fear.

I no longer live a lie,
The cocoon I once called home has split open,
I am a woman who knows her worth.

I no longer think of him as my reason,
He was not my purpose, but rather he served a purpose,
Simply, to show me what kind of people I don’t need.

Because, if today, or tomorrow, or next week, or month, or year,
It came to the same it would be no different,
He’d still choose to run from my love.
He’d still choose to find his worth in other women.
He’d still choose to ruin the woman who loved him.
He’d still choose to not choose me.

I know now,
I know now,
I know now.

I know my worth.