“It felt like my Creator deserted me,
I cried out to him for help continuously,
I was in a great deal of pain because of you,
I didn’t anticipate that I would have fallen so deeply for you,
You weren’t part of my plan,
I wasn’t supposed to love you like this,
My heart felt heavier than it’s ever been,
I didn’t recognize myself,
My eyes were bloodshot and my eyelids swollen,
I went to sleep with soaked pillows,
And I woke up to the pain again,
I cried out to my Creator,
“Please God, please rip him out of my memory!”
I needed the pain to end”

He made falling in love with him easy and all the other times, that I thought was love, wasn’t.
I swear his arms, his scent and his mouth felt and tasted like home.
I never knew what love was until I met you.