You see I’m practicing self love now. A few months back I was so close to a melt down.

But I finally saw the light. I rose above like a star during the night.

I always want to believe in people. I always find myself looking for the good in people.

They whisper about your success and they broadcast your demise. I weighed my options and I had to cut my ties.

That’s just the way life goes. What doesn’t flow, doesn’t flow.

They whither among us on a daily. They have no shame acting outright shady.

I got stabbed in my arm a few years back. But I swear it hurt more when a friend back stabbed.

And that’s why my circle is small. I was surrounded by people who wanted to see me fall.

They set up these traps and hope you stumble upon it. If anything I swear that I’ve learned from it.

I’m still that girl with a big strong heart, but nothing hurts more than snake friends in the grass.