My mind was oozing with memories.

My lips stained the wine glass almost mimicking the colour of the liquid.

pink” I say to myself

The same colour I wore on the first and only official date I had with him.

Somehow between our rendezvous I fell for him. I fell in the only way that I knew how. Irrevocably.

My thoughts lingered.

I pictured his arms around me one last time and having to catch my breath I recall the almost kiss. I loved the fact that even with my heels on I still had to stand on my toes to return his embrace.

Could it have been his deep brown eyes and breathtakingly gorgeous smile that made it so hard for me to forget about him?

Or maybe it was the way he made me feel when he held me. Safe.

Perhaps it was his presence…. His presence seemed to calm my soul and made me want to be a better woman. I reminisce on how beautiful the first and only official date was.

roses” I say

I remember roses, the smell of good food and strong coffee drifting in the atmosphere. I couldn’t take my eyes off him that night. I was mesmerized every time he spoke as if stars were dancing on the tip of his tongue.

I couldn’t help but wonder what had gone wrong, but quickly, I reminded myself that sometimes some people aren’t meant to be.

And for a second, my heart stops.

Or perhaps” I say out loud

“Perhaps it was the fact that I always fell for guys who I knew would never fall for me.”