I wear this mask every day. I call it “strength” and it repels every person who could possibly pose a threat. I also have this invisible shield and it guards me against any person who tries to get too close. It’s like I’m a warrior and these weapons of protection are activated automatically.

I think I became so accustomed to getting hurt that I developed these defenses in the hope of never being hurt again. It worked, but it had an effect on me that I didn’t notice until I got older.

I wasn’t me anymore.

I hated me.

I used to think that vulnerability was a sign of weakness, but that was before I found myself.

Because there’s a side to me that has been awakened. A side that was buried a long time ago, among all the deception and broken promises.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and mine are no different. They give mine away and it shares a story with anyone who’s willing to look deep enough.

And one day, somehow by the grace of God and answered prayers I broke out of my cocoon.

See, that was the worst and the best parts of my life. I was trapped, but I was also on my way to being set free.

See, inside that cocoon I was being broken and moulded simultaneously.

Because one day that cocoon cracked open, dead in the centre and I was released.

I spread my wings.

See, that day I realized that what I was seeking I had all along.

It was always inside of me.

And I hope you realize this too.