“Another one” I thought to myself.

It was like some magnetic force kept drawing broken people to me.

It became second nature to help and afterwards they would leave.

“I have no more left in me” I said

But that only lasted until the next person entered my life, in desperate need of an emotional sponge.

And I gave as much of myself as I did to the first.

Emotionally I was drained.

I stood in isolation with my heart on my sleeve begging for someone to notice me.

“I did it for love” I whispered to myself

As if it were some sort of consolation to my soul.

I felt empty inside

“This must be what it feels like to be dead; nothingness, the feeling of nothingness”

A thought entered my rainbow coloured mind

Then, tears poured down my face, soaking my cheeks and breaking my heart

“what if I loved myself?”

And so I did

And I pray that whoever reads this loves themselves as fiercely first too.