I’ve always had a stubborn heart and I was always drawn to people with more cracks in their soul than stars in the sky. So I loved you, in secret, with no expectation of you loving me in return. I loved you so deeply and so effortlessly that it became a lifestyle. I loved you fiercely, with every fibre that was in my being, I loved and the love I had was all for you. And I held onto you. I held onto you so tightly that I still bare the scars on my hands. And even though nobody knew how much I loved you and how quickly I had fallen for you, you knew.  You knew me better than anyone that I had ever known. But you didn’t care, because you were my night sky and to you, I was a mere woman, who loved too much. So I knew, I knew a few moments ago what I had to do. And with tears streaming from my heart and spilling from my eyes I finally let you go.