The emptiness lingers long enough for me to realize that something is missing. I’ve been able to camouflage my pain for long enough so that people don’t ask questions. I am not the woman I once was and I reek of change. I try and figure out what has led to the feeling of nothingness, but my heart is weak I have lost hope. There is nothing left in me and love has abandoned me. If I had to guess I’d say it started the day I began to pull the petals from my rose. I always felt good helping people, but the world is flawed and humanity has sunk. I started pouring myself into rose scented bottles and whenever someone needed love- a part of me was there- waiting; until there was nothing left. I was just another flower in a garden that nobody cared about stepping on -pulling out and sniffing- for their own pleasure. A part of me sits in isolation and I am terrified. I’ve been pressed so far into the ground and every breath I take seems harder than the one before. So, I inhale, slowly and think about the last time I felt alive and I think back and I imagine what it felt like when I found solace in your smile.