He swears that we are meant to be,

But my heart finds his words hard to believe.

Could a man like him love a woman like me?

And look into my soul and beneath the surface see,

My mind. My heart. My genuine affection,

I know my heart can’t withstand any more rejection.

I’ve found someone who isn’t shallow minded,

He’s being unfolded and I’m being unblinded.

But could he love a woman like me,

And fall in love with me endlessly?

I swear my feelings are coated with truth,

Even though I’m only in the prime of my youth.

This thing called my mind fills me up with doubts,

My heart battles with my head and I want to shout,

How could a man like you love a woman like me?

Why did it take me this long to see?

I must’ve fallen quicker than I want to believe,

My heart is as wild as the raging seas.

But now everything is clear to me,

A man like you could never love a woman like me.