I fear that the man I crave doesn’t exist, but if he did I would describe him like this:

He’d have the utmost respect for every part of my soul. He would listen to my heart at the times when words were to fail me. My presence wouldn’t intimidate him, but rather motivate him to become the man that God intended him to be. He’d remove every dull colour from my universe and fill it with colours brighter than the sun. I’d paint my insecurities on clouds and he’d pull them down and caress them until I trusted him enough. He’d sip on my flaws and they’d become his favourite drink. And for the first time, a man would call me beautiful and I’d believe it. He would love my thoughts and fall in love with my mind. It would be my way of knowing that he looked at me differently. For once in my life I wouldn’t feel as if I were difficult to love, but he’d love me even through the difficult moments.

Posted by Sharneez Parker