She was like the gentle breeze in my waves during a high tide. A rose who never hid her thorns and that’s why I fell in love with her. Her darkness somehow gave my light purpose and together we were magic.
I swear it wasn’t her beauty, but how at that point, I knew she’d always be down for me. I would have done anything to keep her smiling and I loved her even when she wasn’t sure about being with me. So I watched the woman I loved more than anything fall in love with a fellow.
I longed for her to choose me and I dreamt about the moment she’d finally take my hand. I felt like I wasn’t enough and I pondered on what more I could have done. I drowned in a sea of deceit and distrust and even through my pain I still loved her.
I needed to believe that at some point I actually meant something to her. I realized that not everything that appears to be beautiful is good for you, nor does waiting around on someone make a good love story.

I hope that in time, the cracks in my heart will disappear. But for now I’ll place a mask of smiles over my face and find comfort in knowing that one day I will bare a genuine smile across my face.

Posted by Sharneez Parker