My heart is like a rainbow, but its colours are less appealing. It’s filled with multiple wounds. There is a red liquid which flows and it reeks of deceit. The regret holds onto it as though someone were swinging from a chandelier. It’s bruised from all the abuse of both physical and emotional misery. The known and the unknown pain washes over my soul like an ocean during a high tide. My heart suffocates as metal wires cling around it. My heart is grey and melancholy as memories escape from the place in which I buried it. Every time I try to forget my tragedy it’s as if a million spikes are filling my head with deliberate agony. It has lost a reason to continue fighting and searching for a purpose. The inside is black and it’s laced with poison. The toxins escape and for a moment I forget what it’s like to breathe. The attack only lasts a little while, but in that short time it feels like an eternity of torture.