A dark cloud floated inside of my heart and for weeks I tried to fight it off. A few days ago I wholeheartedly welcomed it with its enticing promise of a carefree outlook on love.
Everything around me became dark as the colours of my world faded. A melancholy feeling overtook my soul and I realized that I sold myself to depression.
It started the day I heard the universe whisper that it wanted my demise and I knew that you weren’t strong enough to withstand its torture. You were the reason I smiled even though I hated smiling.
I drifted into another dimension and I recalled the day you kissed my lips and I tasted the pain that you once bore. My mouth was drenched in blood and glass as I tried to heal your wounds with my love.
When you held my hand I felt the misery you experienced after the woman you loved said she didn’t loved you anymore. The feeling was so intense that it felt like every tooth in my mouth was being ripped without anesthesia.
I tried to escape into our magical place where I was happy and the term us existed, but I was trapped and I was close to suffocating because we no longer breathed the same air.
I was ready to fight the universe and I thought that we could overcome its force, but the universe doesn’t fight fair. I threw myself to the ground as I watched you flee from our battle. Every part of my body was crushed and I was waiting to rot like a corpse.
I used to be miserable without your comforting arms that I once called safety, but I realized that you no longer need me like I need you. I try to fathom the idea of living without you and in that second I realize that

I already have been living without you.