He was my pain and my protector. He guarded my heart, but destroyed my soul. His eyes used to be my forever. These days I stare into two frozen blocks and they won’t melt. He is drowning and I don’t know how to save him. The whisk of brandy lingers and I know what he’s been doing. We both broken and I can’t even fix myself. I’m losing mysef in him and I’m beginning to feel incomplete, because I’m breaking off pieces of my puzzle so that I can complete his. I say a prayer for him every night and I hope he’ll find himself once more. To fellows, I’m crazy for holding onto someone who is no longer who they use to be. I tried to find truths in his lies and somehow I convinced myself that his words were pure and that his intentions were noble. I knelt down and whispered my realization out loud for the first time. He wasn’t meant to be in my life and I was his temporary solution to the pain he was feeling. We both knew it, but we were never brave enough to admit that we were both trapped in the promise of what was never real.