I walk through a hallway and my body shakes with fear,
It’s my old love calling me back, he’s the one that I held dear.

He ripped through every part of me and he’s the reason I lost my smile,
I find an empty room and my instincts tell me to hide.

I hear him closing in on me and my body goes numb,
From deep inside I find courage and I get up and run.

I know he wants to end my life and see my pain once more,
I can’t believe he’s the same man that I would have done anything for.

I walk up the wrong staircase and he’s got a hammer in his hand,
He holds it up in anger, while against a cold wall I stand.

I know this is the end, I can feel it from inside,
He gushes it through my body, March 6th is the day I died.