You deserve someone whose eyes align every star in the universe every time they look your way.

You deserve to see dancing unicorns every time your lips touch theirs.

You deserve to be imprinted in that person’s soul.

You deserve to be held so lovingly that you melt like chocolate on a hot day in their arms.

You deserve appreciation in ways only fairy tales know how to describe.

You deserve to be touched as if that persons hands were oozing with magic.

You deserve unconditional happiness where you smile so hard that it almost becomes permanent.

You deserve someone who wants to stay on the days you awaken their anger like a volcano.

You deserve someone who will press through with you on the days the universe wants your relationship’s demise.

You deserve success with that person.

You don’t deserve to cry every day or to wonder whether you’re good enough.

You don’t deserve to be treated like a doormat.

You are not obligated to stay on the day you realize that your heart has been abused for far too long.

You do deserve respect.
You do deserve decency.

You deserve to make it work with whoever makes you feel like a butterfly on the days you feel like you’re in a cocoon.